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Navigating safely through the crisis

Crises that throw companies temporarily off the track tend to come at full speed and without prior warning – and they require an immediate reaction. The causes vary: a product has to be recalled, a production site gets shut down, a company is sold, there are changes in the management or issues with a post merger integration. Even simple change management processes run the risk of turning into real problems without suitable communication measures.

What is the best way to deal with these situations? What should be prioritized above everything else? The most important thing is to communicate objectively, comprehensible, transparently and consistently. Our clients benefit from our 33 years of experience with this task: In addition to our consulting support, we also set up concepts for concerted activities, produce content for both internal and external communication, organize and manage information events, take care of journalists’ requests. With this crisis-tested service package, DIE WORTWERKSTATT has navigated their clients through tumultuous times – repeatedly and successfully.