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At full throttle

Speeding down a virtual racetrack at full throttle in a Recaro racing shell? Plunging into tomorrow’s seating technology? Both were part of the XXL-sized content package that DIE WORTWERKSTATT put together for the premium seat manufacturer on the occasion of IAA 2017. As a central theme, we used the Recaro shell seat’s 50th anniversary, combined with the debut of the new generation of Recaro performance seats – and the mentioned Recaro Performance Challenge where visitors competed for the best lap times. We wrote texts for press kits, technical papers, advertorials, ads, product information and several microsites. We coordinated the IAA social media campaign, contributed to video shoots, took care of the invitation management for customers and journalists. And, by the way, celebrated “our” 16th passenger car IAA as a communications agency since 1987.